If you are interested in buy or selling any type of vehicle, you always want to document the sale to prove ownership. For most vehicle, this is done by executing the transfer of ownership section of the title. When the title isn’t available or you want to further document the vehicle condition, price, mileage or hours, you will want to also secure a vehicle specific bill of sale.

As the purchaser of a vehicle, a properly executed bill of sale can protect you from claims of ownership by other parties, liens against the vehicle, and help you secure registration on the vehicle. As the seller, it will protect you from liabilities resulting from the use of the vehicle in the future. Both of these issues can be costly, further validating the need for a bill of sale.

Each of the links below includes a generic bill of sale, as well as state specific bill of sale templates.

Vehicle Specific Bill of Sale Templates

Car Bill of Sale
Motorcycle Bill of Sale
Trailer Bill of Sale
ATV Bill of Sale
Dirt Bike Bill of Sale
UTV Bill of Sale
Moped Bill of Sale
Golf Cart Bill of Sale
Snowmobile Bill of Sale
Jetski/Waverunner Bill of Sale
Lawnmower Bill of Sale
Equine Bill of Sale