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If you are like me, your wife wont let you keep the ATV in the garage. Or you just like keeping yours outside, in the elements. Whatever the reason, the constant sun, rain and other inclement weather takes an effect on your plastics, seat and mechanical parts of your four wheeler. Rather than worry about replacing these items every few years, most riders choose to cover their ATV with a weather-proof cover. There are many options on the market today, so it can be tough to find the one that will work for your ATV. As such, we sat down and figured out what you need to know before buying a ATV cover and which ones were the best. Here we go!

What Size Are We Working With?

First and foremost, you must know the size of your ATV before purchasing a cover. The reason is simple: Cover Size > ATV Size = Cover falls off, catches wind, does not do an adequate job protecting the low half of the ATV. Cover Size < ATV Size = Doesn't Fit, Not adequate coverage on the bottom half of the ATV, looks dumb. Here are the measurements you will need to ensure you get the right size cover:

Length = From the furthest point back on the quad (usually the rear rack, back tire or trailer ball) to the furthest point forward.
Width = From the widest points on the quad, usually the outside of each tire.
Height = From the ground the top of the handlebars or rear seat extension.

Type of Material

As with most competitive products, different brands have different features. Generally, all ATV covers will be useful for protecting against normal weather like rain and snow, but others are designed specifically for different situations which may be to your benefit depending on your geography and usage. Here are the important material features to be on the look out for:

Weather = As mentioned before, most generic covers will protect your ATV from wet and dry weather. Polyester and Nylon are the most common materials which are both water resistant and effective at absorbing sun light without penetration to the ATV plastics. Nylons tensile strength is greater than that of polyester and is preferred for more severe weather conditions. If you get hail in your area, I would suggest parking under another structure or adding a few pillows on top of your ATV but beneath the cover.
Heat Resistance = Polyester is the most effective of fabrics at being heat retardant. It is not perfect (Link) but it will not catch fire. It is always recommended to let your ATV cool down before placing the cover any hot parts that will be close proximity (typically your exhaust).
Elasticity = Most Nylon and Polyester used in ATV covers will not have much elasticity because of the density of the fabric used to protect the ATV. As such, you want to find a cover which utilizes an elastic band/strap at the opening which can be used to tighten the bottom of the cover under the wheels.

The Best ATV Covers

Photo Details
Best ATV Covers MadDog GearAll ATV Cover – MadDog gets the award for the best ATV cover we reviewed. Made out of 300D Polyester it holds up to sun, rain, snow and sleet. The polyester allows for easy run off during rain and can be shaken off easily. Our favorite feature is the heat-resistant liner inside the cover which allows you to place the cover over a hot ATV. This cover is currently on my ATV sitting in my backyard right now!
$38.88 (Link to Product on Amazon)
Best ATV Covers LotFancy ATV Cover – The LotFancy cover came in a close second place of the covers we reviewed. Made out of 300D Nylon, this cover will handle all weather conditions including sun, rain, wind, sand, snow and sleet. My favorite feature of the LotFancy cover is that it comes in different sizes depending on what you need (Thats why it is important to take measurements!). This cover also has 2 vents located on the top which allow moisture to escape under the cover.
$24.90 (Link to Product on Amazon)
Best ATV Covers Classic Accessories Camo ATV Cover – The Realtree camo cover by Classic Accessories came in a close third place. First off, its camo so that won bonus points off the bat! This cover comes in 3 sizes to fit any size ATV from a 90cc to a 700cc. This cover uses ProtekX3 material which is great for weather protection and includes Velcro straps so that the cover can be used while trailering the ATV. This cover also includes vents to allow for proper ventilation of moisture out from under cover.
$79.99 (Link to Product on Amazon)

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