5 Tips for Installing ATV, Dirt Bike Grips Easier

The grips on your ATV are not designed to last forever. In fact, depending on your riding style, your grips may not even last one season before they need to be replaced. And doing so isn’t easy! There are certain things you can do however to make this process simpler and ensure that the grips don’t spin of slide off. Below is a list of my 5 favorite methods for installing your new ATV grips. If you are still unsure about what type of grips you want, check out my post about the Best ATV Grips and the Best Dirt Bike Grips.

Carb Cleaner

If you go the route of a rubber slide on grip, the toughest part of changing them out is sliding the new grips on. Because of the thin rubber, they want to fold when pushing them on and you can’t use a hammer to push when they get stuck. Using carb cleaner to lubricate the inside of the rubber grips will give you enough lubrication to slide the grip on, and then the carb cleaner will evaporate away. It is critical however that you slide the grip on almost immediately after spraying the carb cleaner as it evaporates in a few seconds, making it tough to slide the grip on again.

BRAKE Cleaner

Very similar to the carb cleaner method, you can use brake cleaner to lubricate your grips before sliding them on. To use, simply spray the inside of the grips and the handle bar end with brake cleaner, then slide the new grip into place. The brake cleaner should evaporate in about 15 minutes, and then you can go ride around.

Aerosol Hairspray

Another simple method to lubricating your grip before sliding it on is to use hairspray. Simple as that. If you have ever used hairspray then you know that it is wet when you first spray it, but then becomes sticky within 15-30 seconds. This is perfect for installing your new grips as it will give you some more time to slide it on and then the hairspray will help hold it in place. Before riding heavy, I would let the quad sit for an hour or so to allow the hairspray to fully dry inside the grip. Also, I prefer to use Aerosol Hairspray as it has a more steady spray and will give you the time needed to install the grip.

Dish Soap and Water

The two methods above require a quick hand to install the grips before the lubrication wears off. If you want a method which allows a little more time to set the new grips in place, using dish soap and water is the way to go. Mix even parts water and dish soap and spread it/pour it into the new grip. Make sure it is spread around the inside of the grip covering all of the rubber. Now slide the new grip onto handle bar and line it up how you want. Let it sit for 24 hours before heavy use to allow the soap and water to dry out and the grips stay in place.

Grip Glue

Image result for protaper grip glueIf all else fails, some major ATV companies like Protaper make grip glue which you can use to slide your new grips on and will hold them in place. They allow for about 15-20 seconds of slide time and about 5 minutes to move and shape the grip as you want. Each tube can set about 12 sets of grips so your set for the life of your ATV (depending on how you drive. Check it out here.

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