A Review of the Best ATV Gun Racks

When you’re headed out into the woods for a hunt on your ATV, you want to make sure you have the best ATV gun rack that can get there with you. The last thing you want to worry about is holding your Rifle or Shotgun while trudging up that hill or through that creek (not to mention that is dangerous). I was right there with you last year when I was looking for a new gun rack on my Yamaha Grizzly. After reviewing countless options, I narrowed my options down to the five below. For your reading pleasure, I have included my thoughts on each to help you make the decision. At the bottom of the article I’ll let you know the gun rack I chose…

As I read through the descriptions, specifications and reviews of each model, I jotted down a few things I knew the ATV gun rack needed to do:

Durability – First and foremost, the rack needed to be sturdy and able to hold up to the elements. I like to take the path less traveled when driving through the woods, so it is important to me that the item I chose wouldn’t break or get scratched up as I drove through brush or over rocks.
Style – I consider myself a handy guy. I could put together an AR-10 rifles gun rack with some 2x4s and brackets, but that’s not what I was looking for. It needs to match the style of the quad and look likes it’s supposed to be there.
Price – As with most parts for my ATV, I am looking for a good deal. Something in the $20 to $40 range is ideal for my needs.

Update: ATV Gun Racks have been added to my ongoing list of the Best ATV accessories. This list will continue to grow as I review more products.

3rd Place

Coleman Single Fin Grip

Best ATV Gun Rack
I like these Coleman Grips because they are versatile in what they can carry. In the reviews I read, people were using them for guns, fishing poles, and weedeaters. The list goes on. I also like the fact that these are designed specifically for use on your handlebars, which outside of my front rack, is the only other place I would carry my gun. Call me crazy but I want to see my gun as I am driving, otherwise I will leave it at the house or worse it will fall off during the trek to my blind. This gun rack got 4.2 out of 5 stars from reviewers, with the only issues being the longevity of the rubber straps. The fix seems to be an easy issue however as Amazon replaced the straps without much prodding. If you want to read more about the Coleman Single Fin Grips, click this link.

2nd Place

ATV Tek VFG1 V-Grip

Best ATV Gun Rack
The ATV Tek VFG1 rack came in a close second on my list for a few reasons. I really like the option of being able to choose either a single or double rack. I also like that the clamps have a bowstring slot so you can keep your bow vertical which keeps it from bouncing around or getting caught on a tree. Of the 63 reviews on Amazon, 86% of people rated these grips with 4 stars or better, with most compliments surrounding the sturdiness and stability of the rack. The differentiator between this model and the 1st place option I chose was the straps which some reviewers labeled as being lower quality. As with most rubber, it becomes more brittle as it ages and goes through weather changes. Simple fix is just replace the straps with Velcro! If you want to read more about this gun rack, see this link!

1st Place

Kolpin 21505 Rhino Grips

Best ATV Gun Rack
The Kolpin 21505 Rhino Grip were my number one choice based on a few factors. The first of which was the solid history of satisfied customers. When I first looked at this gun rack on Amazon I saw over 180 people rated this product with 4 stars or better. Secondly, I can mount them to my front rack using the included clamp. I don’t need them on my ATV all the time, so it’s nice to know I can unclamp them whenever I want and hang them in the garage or shed. Thirdly, they make this mount in a single and double version. I like the double myself because it looks cleaner and you never know when you will need to carry your buddies rifle. In the end, I did end up choosing this gun rack for my Yamaha and I am VERY pleased with the purchase! It’s held up to two seasons so far with no issues to date. If you want to read more about this ATV Gun Rack, see this link!

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